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Chapter 7 - Is This Option Right For You?

Kiebel Law understands the significance and effects legal resolutions have on clients. We want our clients to feel secure that they're working with attorneys who have their best interests in mind. Our commitment is to support our clients by keeping them fully informed of the progress of their case throughout the entire process, from the initial consultation to the final settlement.

Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy gives you immediate relief from debt collection and garnishment. At the end of the process, the bankruptcy court may enter an order discharging (permanently eliminating) most types of unsecured debts, i.e. credit cards, medical bills, deficiencies from repossession andforeclosures… A primary concern of many consumers is their ability to protect their ownership interest in property. In a Chapter 7 case, the law allows people to exempt equity in different types of assets up to certain dollar amounts. For example, exemptions are available for residential real property, a motor vehicle, retirement accounts, college savings accounts, clothing, furniture, electronics and jewelry to name just a few. This is a very important part of an attorney's analysis as to whether a Chapter 7 case is appropriate, and would be explained in much more detail if it were determined a Chapter 7 is an option. 

The most common reasons for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy are unemployment, overwhelming medical expenses, overextended credit, and marital problems. Medical bankruptcies, especially, affect two million Americans annually. If you have little or no money after basic expenses are paid, or can't pay those basic expenses at all, it may be time to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. By filing Chapter 7, you eliminate unsecured debt such as credit card bills, medical debt, utility bills, and personal loans. The process is quick and easy. In a matter of months, you could be discharged of all that debt. You won't receive another call from those annoying creditors!

  • Stop Bill Collectors From Contacting You
  • Stop Garnishments And Lawsuits
  • Prevent Utility Turn-Offs
  • Provide For Return Of Drivers License Suspended For Unpaid Judgments
  • Keep The Debts You Want To Continue To Pay